Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coming to a mailbox near you!

Thrilling! Talking Pictures is now officially available. I'm a little speechless now that the publisher's link is up.  I'll let the poems speak (talk) for themselves.  These are a selection from the section titled "J & J."

Aches, bunions, corns doctors examined.
Festering grumble held intact.  Jack’s karyo-
Lymph manifested nearly orphic pain.  Qualified
Radial sensors targeted unusual veins, while
X-rays Y-chromosomes zapped.  Zones yielded
xeric weltschmerz , vast  unrequited temporal
sadness: restless, quivering, perpetually
overwhelmed, needing menstrual love. 
Kind Jill, indigent heroine, gracious
Faun, eased despair. Calm brow arched. 

Just as he
Aches & knows its source but
Can’t know the source,
Knowing instead he must tread
Around it, she too
Needs to find the substance of her
Dreaming.  Together they walk,
Jack & Jill, toward the rising mist
Ill-equipped to confront their
Longing, but bravely refusing to
Leave it any longer.

There's 50 pages of this stuff!  Only $15.00.  Click on the picture.  It'll take you there.

So much for shameless self promotion.  I'll report from readings when I get there.

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